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Hi! I’m Lyonel Pierce, I’m a Full Stack Developer, Web Designer, and Graphic Designer who has passion for building creative and functional web applications with intuitive functionality. I enjoy the process of coding, and turning ideas into reality using creative solutions. I’m always curious about learning new skills, tools, and concepts. In addition to working on various solo projects, I have worked with creative teams, which involves daily stand-ups, communications, version control, and project management.

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Skills Include?

Experienced web application developer specializing in creating visually appealing and functional web solutions using a diverse range of design and web technologies.

  • Vue
  • JavaScript
  • Typescript
  • Java
  • Python
  • Php
  • React
  • Django
  • Laravel
  • 2019


    Web Developer

    Develop portfolio websites using Wordpress and Elementor.

  • 2020

    Condor Marketplace

    Graphic & Web Designer

    Collaborate with creative and development teams on the build of a Marketplace Website.

  • 2021

    Perfect Destiny

    Web Developer & Graphic Designer

    Develop and design a branding image and a tours website.

  • 2022

    Clark Jewelry

    Graphic Designer

    Branding and Social Network Content Creator.

  • 2023

    Perficient Bootcamp

    Front-end Developer

    Executed full front-end rearchitecture utilizing React, Next.js, Tailwind CSS, and supplanted antd with Shadcn UI for enhanced modularity and extensibility.


5+ Years of Experience

I have been developing web applications and designing graphics, for 5 years and I know for sure the main trends and directions of modern technologies and design trends.

  • my works

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    Will Amaze You!

    As a web developer and a graphic designer, I take pride in crafting visually stunning and fully functional websites that leave a lasting impact on my clients audiences.

  • Calificatuprofe


    Calificatuprofe is a social share platform where users can rate Professors and Universities in Ecuador. This fulfills students needs for a platform where they can rate their professors and unviersities, and learn what university is better, and what professor will be better for their course selection.

    In the Front-end React with Tailwind css and Shadcn UI. In the back-end Next.js and Prisma to manage the DB connection. For the database PostgreSQL with Railway. Vercel Deployment.

    Clerk is in charge of handling user sessions and authentication.

    Rate Screen

    Calificatuprofe | Professor and University Review Platform

    Typescript, React, Next.js, Prisma, PostgreSQL
  • Pawsome


    Inkspire is an improved version of In this version the user can set the number of images and the resolution of the images if they have a Pro subscription. Subscription are handle with stripe. User will first have 20 free tokens that allows it to generate 20 designs, after that Pro subscription will be required. Pro users will have access to pro features like multiple generation, private saving, and resolution options. Free users will have access to basic functionality like generate a single design, add or remove designs to gallery, add or remove designs to favorites, search filter, and Download images.

    In the front-end I am using react with tailwind css and shadcn UI. In the back-end I am using next.js and Prisma to manage the DB connection. For the database I am using a Mysql PlanetScale DB. For deployment I chose Railway.

    I am using Clerk to handle user sessions with social connections, and Crisp for support.


    Inkspire | AI Tattoo Generator

    Typescript, React, Next.js, Prisma, MySql
  • Pawsome


    Pawsome is a pet adoption admin panel, where admin can create and edit species, breeds, and pet information. Admin can also approve or deny an adoption request. Users can click on a pet and make an adoption request. Emails to the user will be send every time an adoption request is submitted, approved, or denied. The application uses Spring Security to protect routes and JWT token to access secured endpoints. To access the admin panel user must login with the following credentials.

    Email: Password: 123456

    This web application was design using React, Next.js, and Spring Boot.


    Pawsome | Pet Adoption Center

    React, Next.js, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL
  • is a tattoo design web application powered by AI. Users should sign up with their google account to be able to create tattoo designs. Once the user sign in, they are able to create tattoos by selecting a style and write their ideas. The AI will generate tattoo designs based on the style and the prompt which then can be saved or downloaded by the user. Users can also share their designs and their prompts, so they modify other users prompt to make their own creations.

    The website was design using React and Next.js.

    React NextJS - AI Tattoo Designer

    React, Next.JS, MongoDB
  • React ring configurator

    Ring Configurator

    Web design and development of a responsive product conifgurator focused on a jewelry. The ring configurator allows users to interact with a 3D model of a ring, changing its gemstone, material, and even adding and engrave in Live 3D so they can preview the desired product. In addition, the price will change according to the selected gemstone, materials, and karats.

    The application was design using React, React Three Fiber, and Three.js. The model was build using blender.

    React Ring Configurator

    Ring Configurator

    React, R3F, Three.js
  • Personal Portfolio

    Web design and development of a responsive personal porfolio using Three.js as the main techonology. Three.js allows to load and interact with interactive 3D models, 3D animations, and other visually engaging features.

    The 3D files in the hero section and about section were created using blender and exported as .gltf files compressed with DRACO to improve perfomance of the website. The camera and lights were added with Three.js which also allow us to change the position of the camera and intensity of the lights. Animations were done in blender, and rendered with Three.js.

    Both 3D models are interactive, the first model is animated in blender and is interactive when the user click and drag the mouse or pointer over it. The second 3D model is animated using Three.js and GSAP, this one is also interactive by click and drag, but the head and eyes of the character will follow the mouse position. Both models use the same textures to improve website perfomance. Contact form was created with PHP.

    Website animation
    Website animation 1
    Three.js Personal Porfolio

    Personal Porfolio

    Vite, Three.js, PHP
  • Gravity Water Ad Campaign

    Gravity water is an non-profit organization that uses water from rain and filtered to give them to communities suffering drought.

    For the background of all three ads, a blue gradient is chosen to evoke a sense of water and its natural association with the color blue. The gradient effect adds depth and visual interest to the overall design, creating a visually appealing backdrop that reinforces the organization's focus on water-related initiatives. Blue is often associated with tranquility, purity, and reliability, which aligns perfectly with the message of Gravity Water's mission.

    Gravity Water Campaign Ad 1
    Gravity Water Campaign Ad 2
    Gravity Water Campaign Ad 3

    Ad #1: This ad features a customized font shaped as pipes, symbolizing a watering filter system. The font choice is deliberate to convey a sense of flow, efficiency, and functionality. By utilizing the shape of pipes, we create a visual metaphor for the water filtration process that Gravity Water implements.

    Ad #2: In this ad, the words are arranged in the shape of a droplet. The droplet shape signifies water, and by using words within it, we create a visual representation of the importance of water in people's lives. The droplet shape also implies purity, conservation, and the life-giving properties of water.

    Ad #3: The last ad showcases raining letters falling onto an upside-down umbrella, symbolizing the collection of water from rain. This design effectively communicates the organization's ability to harness the power of rainwater and convert it into a valuable resource for communities in need. The raining letters create a sense of movement and energy, capturing the viewer's attention.

    Gravity Water Campaign Ad

    Gravity Water Campaign

    May 2023
  • Sweet Solar

    Sweet Solar is a brand of fancy, delicious, and organic chocolate bars.


    To visually convey the essence of this brand, I've chosen a color palette that is warm, bright, and inviting - with yellow, orange, and pink as primary colors that are often associated with sunshine, warmth, and hapiness, and sweetness. Together this colors create a palette that is not only visually appealing, but also evokes a sense of joy and positivity.

    As for the pictorial elements, a sun, with sunbeams in the sape of the letter "S" - representing the Sweet Solar brand. The sun represents warm, light, and energy - qualities that align perfectly with the organic and natural ingredients of the chocolate. The "S" shape of the sunbeams not only reinforces the brand name, but also adds a playful touch to the overall design.


    To mantain a consistent brand identity across all the packaging, the same pattern design is used for each flavor. To differentiate between the different flavors, I've used the main element on the packaging to match witheach flavor. In addition, I've varied the colors used for each packaging to create a distinctive look between the flavors.

    Digital Ad Campaign

    The Digital Ad campign is based on headlines that evoke a sense of indulgence, pleasure, and pure bliss, this headlines communicate the idea that consuming the chocolate bar is a transcendent experience.

    To visually convey this concept, the chocolate was placed in and idyllic and dream-like setting. For example, at the end of two rainbows, as the goail in an starway to heaven, and in a beach that represents relaxation, enjoyment and paradise.

    Sweet Solar

    Sweet Solar

    March 2023
  • Tokyo Nights

    Tokyo Nights is a Rave that takes place inside the Budokan Fest, the biggest anime and manga convention in Ecuador.


    I chose to use neon colors and shapes such as stars, lightning bolts, and music notes to convey the energetic and vibrant atmosphere of a rave. These shapes and colors are commonly associated with the rave culture and are used to create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

    The use of geometric shapes such as triangles and circles adds a modern and edgy feel to the design while also emphasizing the dynamic movement and rhythm of the music.

    Finally, the font is made with the use of outlines, to mantain consistency with the use of the shapes.

    Event Flyer / Instagram Post

    Creating an event flyer for a rave can be challenging, especially when there are a lot of sponsor logos that need to be included in the design. It can be difficult to balance the sponsor logos with the overall aesthetic and message of the flyer, while also ensuring that the sponsors are given adequate recognition.

    To address this challenge, I incorporated the sponsor logos into the design in a way that seamlessly integrates them into the overall aesthetic. By using a combination of transparency and layering, the sponsor logos are placed in a way that complements the overall design and does not overpower it.

    The use of neon lights, colors, and shapes was also an important aspect of the design. These elements help to create a sense of excitement and energy that is associated with rave culture. The neon colors and shapes were strategically placed to draw attention to the key information such as the event name, date, and location.

    Tokyo Nights

    Tokyo Nights

    Aug 2022
  • Umai Food Experience

    Umai Food Experience is a food festival inside Budokan Fest, the biggest anime and manga convention of Ecuador.

    This logo was quite a challenge, and required a lot of research. The client required a logo for a japanesse food festival with a hannya mask as pictorial element. The Hannya mask is a significant cultural symbol in Japan, and it is essential to be respectful of its cultural significance. Another issue that presented was that these masks are often in an angry expression, which is not very friendly at the moment of inviting people to the festival.

    Research was a very important step to address this challenges. My solution was to create a simplied and more friendly version of the Hannya mask and include other Japanesse elements such as traditional food (Takoyaki) and also text in Japanesse language.

    Two logos were presented to the client, the one at the left was rejected because it was too serious for a food festival, and the one at the right that was accepted at first, but rejected at the end because the red stripes and white background created the flag of Imperialist Japan. At the end, the client required to remove the stripes from the background and was happy with the design.



    Aug 2022
  • WCS Charity Campaign

    WCS is a global non-profit organization that works to conserve wild animals and their habitats around the world. They operate in over 60 countries and run a variety of conservation programs.

    This idea behind the campign is to use typography to create the shape of endangered species. The shapes are created with phrases, that seek the viewer to protect the environment and donate money for the protection of endangered animals.

    A whale in the ocean, a vulture in the sky, and a red panda in the forest are the chosen endangered species depicted in their natural environment that also needs protection.

    "Protect our future", "Protect our oceans", "Protect our wildlife", "Go green", "Help save our planet", "Stop deforestation", and many more are some of the phrases chosen for this campaign.

    Charity Campaign

    Charity Campaign

    June 2022

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  • Jonathan Falcones

    Lyonel is an incredibly talented designer who understands the nuances of the web design industry and works quickly to create amazing designs.

    Jonathan Falcones

  • Jefferson Salvatierra

    Excellent to work with. Lyonel helped me to build the website and the brand image for my business.

    Jefferson Salvatierra

    CEO, Perfect Destiny
  • Marvin Rojas

    Lyonel is very professional, always delivers high quality results, and is always there to help. Look forward to working with Lyonel in other projects.

    Marvin Rojas

    CEO, Xtreme
  • Ronald Muñoz

    He was able to make all my website dreams come true! Lyonel has a great eye for detail and his designs are always stunning. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a web designer!

    Ronald Muñoz

    Deployment & Integration Consultant
  • Michael Peña

    I know I can count on your service if I need my project done fast and with the best possible result. I am a regular customer and hope to continue our work!

    Michael Peña

    Systems Engineer
  • Paola Pilla

    Lyonel took the time to understand the unique needs of my business, and he worked tirelessly to create a logo that perfectly captured the essence of my brand.

    Paola Pilla

    Motion Graphic Animator
  • Danilo Bravo

    I urgently needed a designer to create two new brands for my event. The results exceeded my expectations.

    Danilo Bravo

    CEO, Budokan Fest
  • Ricardo Garces

    I know I can count on your service if I need my project done fast and with the best possible result. I am a regular customer and hope to continue our work!

    Ricardo Garces

    Sales Consultant
  • Melissa Lozano

    Lyonel worked on a handful of projects for us and has always exceeded our expectations. Lyonel is dedicated, talented and a delight to work with.

    Melissa Lozano

    Content Creator
  • Cristina Aranguren

    I needed a quick logo, according to my painting style and the colors I like. I couldn't be happier with the result.

    Cristina Aranguren

    Painter, CrisArte
  • Christian Alvarado

    From the very beginning, Lyonel was a true professional, and his attention to detail was impressive. He took the time to listen to my vision for the logo, and his creative input was invaluable.

    Christian Alvarado

  • Erika Pino

    Easy to communicate. Lyonel delivered my request before the deadline and has no problem making changes to his art.

    Erika Pino

  • Kevin Ayala

    Working with Lyonel has been a pleasure! He is a great graphic designer and always strives to deliver the highest quality work.

    Kevin Ayala

    Structural Consultant
  • Douglas Stewart

    I was lucky to be paired with Lyonel as mentor is a corporate program, where we met at our New York City location. I was so impressed with Lyonel’s projects, that I used them as part of my executive presentation about Generative AI. Lyonel is one of the most enthusiastic, talented, and entrepreneurial developers I’ve met in a very long time. He’s creative, motivated, and very intelligent. I would highly recommend Lyonel, and feel free to reach out to me for a personal reference… for Lyonel - I’ll make the time.

    Douglas Stewart

    US Healthcare Principal
  • Dhananjoy Tiwari

    I highly recommend Lyonel as a Front-End Developer. Their exceptional skills, dedication to quality, and passion for creating outstanding user experiences make them a valuable addition to any team.You need a solution, Lyonel will fix the problem!

    Dhananjoy Tiwary

    Full stack developer
  • Giancarlo Drouet

    Not only is he highly talented and knowledgeable, but he is also an incredibly hard worker and always finishes projects swiftly.

    Giancarlo Drouet

    Systems Engineer, Informatic Jobs
  • Janio Alvarado

    I was in need for a graphic designer and web developer for my personal project. Lyonel was very patient with me and successfully meet al my requirements.

    Janio Alvarado

    IT Specialist, Banco de la Nacion Argentina
  • Victor Robalino

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Lyonel, a talented graphic designer, who created a fantastic logo for my new agricultural mobile app.

    Victor Robalino

    Systems Engineer

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